Birth Announcement: Ebook No. 1 Has Been Born!

Yeaaaaaaa! Big news, after several years of self-doubt, lack of knowledge and just plain FEAR! We are proud to announce our first ebook is now available on-line! “Earn Extra Income Selling Your Photos on Stock Photography Agencies” has officially been blasted out to the universe!

The ebook is 66-pages of information about starting out in the business of stock photography. For many of you here in the Denver Metro area, you have had the experience of attending this ebook as a live class with Teri. We took the presentation from that class and filled in a lot of the things we talk about live in the classroom. There is also some new topics, that Teri will be including in the next edition of the live class (e.g., video footage, drones etc.).

Here is a screen capture of the table of contents, that outlines the contents of the book:

We had no idea how much work actually goes into not only the writing of an ebook, but getting it up online for delivery is a completely different animal! And we learned a valuable lesson, NOTHING IS EVER AS EASY AS IT SEEMS! But a little determination and perserverence, success can be achieved.

So stay tuned, we have tasked ourselves with creating 6 more ebooks to complete the series! Coming soon are:

  • KEYwording Is The KEY To Success On Stock Agencies
  • Sooooo….What Makes A Good Image for Stock Agencies?
  • Stock Photography Work Flow – From Your Camera to Your Stock Agencies
  • What Sells on Stock Photography and Ideas to Help You Find Your Inspiration
  • Social Media and Marketing for Stock Photography
  • In’s And Out’s Of Selling Your Images On Fine Art AmericaThis ebook can be ordered and downloaded TODAY for only $20!! Get your copy HERE!

Cheers from behind the camera,
Teri V. and Carol M.



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