Keywording is the KEY to Selling Success on Stock Agencies

KEYWORDING…in my opinion is tedious HELL!! It’s time consuming and not an easy task when you are facing a batch of 100s of photos. For me, this is the final step in my image uploading workflow process – keywording, titling and adding descriptions. Unfortunately, for others, this vital step is an afterthought. However, the truth […]

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All Grills AND Light Are Not Created Equal

Summer grilling season is just around the corner! And ADMIT IT – we all love something straight off the grill. This past weekend, I spent time with my friend Heather Blake with Rocky Mountain Cooking. Heather is a recipe blogger and her recipe post this weekend is Bourbon Whiskey BBQ Sauce Ribs. She invited me […]

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Rockin It at Racca’s

In addition to growing my portfolio of images to sell on stock photography agencies and teaching other photographers about how to get into the business of stock photography, I also work with businesses (small and large) with their social media marketing. To advance my skills in all things WordPress, I also have been assisting small […]

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