Keywording is the KEY to Selling Success on Stock Agencies

KEYWORDING…in my opinion is tedious HELL!! It’s time consuming and not an easy task when you are facing a batch of 100s of photos. For me, this is the final step in my image uploading workflow process – keywording, titling and adding descriptions. Unfortunately, for others, this vital step is an afterthought. However, the truth […]

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Birth Announcement: Ebook No. 1 Has Been Born!

Yeaaaaaaa! Big news, after several years of self-doubt, lack of knowledge and just plain FEAR! We are proud to announce our first ebook is now available on-line! “Earn Extra Income Selling Your Photos on Stock Photography Agencies” has officially been blasted out to the universe! The ebook is 66-pages of information about starting out in […]

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