Getting StartedWhen I started out in stock photography I quickly found out that once you share with other stock photographers that you are also involved in the stock photography world, they become unwilling to share information and help you along in your stock photography business. Taking Stock Images Photography was born out of that frustration.  I believe that there is abundance for everyone, and helping others create a home-based photography business will not only helps others, but assist me in surrounding myself with a wonderful community of people who are passionate about photography and making extra money!

Who knew that there is sooooooo much to know about being successful in stock photography!!  I absolutely know that now and I continue to learn more and more things that help my stock business grow and develop.  Taking Stock Images Photography has taken this information and created a series of classes, of various topics that will help you create your stock photography business. These classes will be evolving to an online Webinar format, as well as face-to-face classes!

  1. Get Your Feet Wet with Stock – Sign Up with Your 1st Agency
  2. KEYwording is the KEY to Success on Stock Photography Agencies
  3. What Sells on Stock Photography Sites & Ideas to Find/Define Your Inspiration
  4. Workflow: From Your Camera to Your Stock Agencies and Ready for Sale
  5. SOOOOO, What Makes a Good Stock Photo
  6. Selling Your Images on Flickr and Fine Art America
  7. Social Media and Marketing for Stock Photographers

I have also added several Photo Shoots, ways to learn about how to shoot for stock photography, as well as grow your stock portfolio through various photo shoots:

  • Free Group Photo Shoots
  • Themed Studio Photo Shoots
  • Semi-Private Photo Shoots
  • Secret Private Portfolio Photo Shoots
  • Guest Speakers, covering topics important to the business of stock photography

As this community grows and evolves additional classes and educational opportunities will be added to the list of classes.  These additions will be created based on feedback and input I have received from community members. I want to keep this community active and vibrant, continually offering members ways to start and grow their business!









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