Earn Income Selling Your Photos on Stock Agencies

Creating a Home-Based Photography Business in a Snap!

  • Do you WANT to create a home based business that you do almost anywhere?
  • Do you WANT to make money with your photography?
  • Have you ever THOUGHT about getting into selling stock images,
    but don’t have a clue how to get started?
  • Have you ever WONDERED what it takes to sell your images with stock agencies?

“Earn Income Selling Your Photos on Stock Agencies” will help learn about the ins and outs of selling your photos and videos on stock photography agencies.

Teri has been teaching classes on the subject of Stock Photography for many years in the Denver area, and has become an expert at all things Stock! She has helped many beginning photographers get started not only learning photography, but how to get on the best stock agencies, how to keyword your images, all about Lightroom and Photoshop as it relates to stock photography, how to effectively market your images, and much more! See what several of her students have to say:

For years, I have been wanting to try my hand at submitting my photos to the Stock Photography agencies and getting them accepted. However, I didn’t have a clue how to make that happen. I took Teri’s Getting Started in the Business of Stock Photography class and was so excited to learn. Teri is a great teacher. She provides actionable directions and instruction that I felt comfortable preparing my images and submitting them. On my first try, out of the 10 photos I submitted, 8 were accepted! Success! Thank you Teri, for simplifying the mystery and installing a big dose of confidence that I could do it! I did it!
Lisa C. – Denver, CO


I enjoyed taking Teri Virbickis’ class on Getting Started in the Business of Stock Photography. After inspiring us to think that we could perhaps make money this way, she got down quickly to the nuts and bolts with shortcuts and hard-earned wisdom that could give us a jump-start in pitching our work to the industry. The suggestions went from general to very specific, which was just what we needed. It’s nice to know there are apps out there, for example, but terrific to know which ones have stood the test of time with her and are worth my time to examine. Experience speaks louder than anything, and Teri has that in spades!
Karel H. – Denver, CO


As a photographer with a lot of photographs sitting around on my hard drive doing nothing, when I saw a class being offered by Taking Stock Images on how to get into the business of stock photography, I signed up. 

The first class was about the business of stock photography and how to sign up with an agency – highly useful and productive information.  After the class, I understood how the stock photo industry works and had some images for sale on a stock agency!  Of course, I had to know more, so I took some other classes in the series.  The class on creating a stock photography workflow made the process so much easier.  Other classes covered the importance of metadata and provided information on other places to sell images.  While most classes/workshops tell you what to do, I really liked the fact that TSI tells you how to do it … in a useful and fun manner.

Additionally, TSI offers photo shoots, where the props are provided and you can take photos that will certainly sell – these were both a learning experience and an easy way to get some salable images.

The presenter, Teri Virbickis of Taking Stock Images, shared her journey into the world of stock photography.  The combination of background, process, and actual working experience makes Teri a credible, well-informed speaker.  She knows what works (and what doesn’t work) and freely shares information that is not readily available to photographers interested in the world of stock photography.  The information has real-world applicability and is presented in a positive, encouraging manner. 

This is a must-do activity if you want to do more with your photos and/or you just want to make some additional income … sign up for one of the stock photography classes from Taking Stock images (or get the e-book).
Carole VandenBerg – Littleton, CO


Teri Virbickis is one outstanding photographer and great teacher! Her passion for photography has grown from food to nature to so many interesting subjects…it is natural for her to share her knowledge. I have taken a full day of private class with her and it was worth every penny. She has a lot to share! In that one day, I have learned so much about the stock agencies and their demands! Her class is very well organized and you learn step by step about how to prepare, catalog and edit your images for the stock agencies. I would recommend Teri Virbickis for her amazing knowledge about how the stock photography market works and how you can make residual money with the photos you already have (or plan to take). I am a professional photographer and published book author but Teri and I have very different styles and I truly appreciate her knowledge in such an untapped photography field for photographers. She really knows her stuff and she shares real tips and information you do not find anywhere else. If you ever thought of taking a class with Teri, just do it! You will be glad you did!

Simone Severo
Professional Photographer and Book Author (“A Portrait a Day: One Photographer’s Journey”)

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