Fine Art America

Making Money with Your Images on Fine Art America

I have to say Fine Art America is one of the best online photo management and sharing applications in the world!  It’s simple, easy and not to mention CHEAP!  I have tried several other photo sharing sites and I have never sold a single image from any of those I have joined.  Some even cost us, $100s to join and set up the site.  During the course of this evening, I will share with you the following:

  1. Strategies to using FAA, to assist getting your photos noticed and found!
  2. Keywording for FAA…IT’S IMPORTANT!
  3. Titles and Stories…they SELL your images!
  4. To Brand or Not to Brand?
  5. Joining Communities
  6. Sharing, just like your Mom taught you!
  7. FAA can = $$$
  8. Building a Portfolio on FAA

Come join the fun and learn how this powerful tool, with a bit of effort can pay off for you in a BIG way!

Detailed handouts will be provided, so you can follow along and take notes, so you can do this when you get home!

SPECIAL NOTE:  To be successful in this class you need to have BASIC COMPUTER and IMAGE PROCESSING SKILLS! We are making the assumption that you know and shoot in CAMERA RAW, how to get your images from your camera to your computer and apply edits!

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