Getting Started On Stock

Apples at the Farmers MarketGet Your Feet Wet with Stock Photography – Getting Set Up with Your 1st Agency

This class will actually walk you through getting you set up and running on an actual Stock Photography Agency.  We will hold your hand through:

  • Getting registered as a Contributing Photographer
  • Setting up your payment options
  • Tour of important pages/screens
  • Tips and tricks to help make you more successful

By the end of this session you will be up and running on a Stock Agency!  We want you to jump right in and getting moving selling your images. Future classes and outings will help you build on this first experience, so as we share with you information you can apply your new knowledge to a “real world” scenario!

GET READY!…Time to take all those beautiful images you have and MAKE SOME MONEY!

YOU WILL NEED YOUR LAPTOP COMPUTER AND 20 Images to Upload during this session! Images must meet the following criteria:

  • IMAGES 300 dpi,
  • Images must be photographed with a minimum 6 Megapixels camera
  • Images must ONLY be in JPEG file and in minimum 80% quality compression
  • Images must NOT contain any company names, product names, date or trademarked designs
  • Images must NOT contain recognizable brand named products
  • JPEG Images must NOT be bigger than 20MB
  • Do not put copyrighted keywords into description or keywords field, not even name or brand of camera used to take the photos

We will be providing detailed handouts, so you can follow along and take notes, so you can do this when you get home!

SPECIAL NOTE:  To be successful in this class you need to have BASIC COMPUTER and IMAGE PROCESSING SKILLS! We are making the assumption that you know and shoot in CAMERA RAW, how to get your images from your camera to your computer and apply edits!


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