Good Stock Images

2012-November-23-IMG_1120What Makes a Good Image for Stock Agencies

Stock photography consists of photos that can be licensed for use. As good quality cameras become increasingly affordable, and the market for photography expands, many people are finding themselves drawn to stock photography as a way to make some extra money. Many people are not aware that good photography is not the same thing as good stock photography. While a photo may be of good artistic quality, it still may not sell well as stock.

Good stock photography should tell a story. A photograph of a model standing by a wall may go great in a portfolio, but it doesn’t tell a story. Buyers are interested in photography that sets a scene and helps them to get a particular message across. Often stock photography is used to express an abstract concept like love, teamwork or loyalty. Consider how you might illustrate these concepts in a story and work from there to come up with an unusual angle.

So you may have some FANTASTIC landscape images…but they may not sell on stock photography sites. This class we will discuss “What Makes a Good Stock Photo”, and learn the photo components of being successful in the stock photography world.

Detailed handouts will be provided, so you can follow along and take notes, so you can do this when you get home!

SPECIAL NOTE:  To be successful in this class you need to have BASIC COMPUTER and IMAGE PROCESSING SKILLS! We are making the assumption that you know and shoot in CAMERA RAW, how to get your images from your camera to your computer and apply edits!


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