IMG_1966Let’s face it, the iPhone is one of the most revolutionary inventions of the 21st century. It’s not just the iPhone, but Smartphones in general. Whether you have an iPhone or an Android device, the power you hold in the palm of your hand is AMAZING! Let’s face it, these devices are soooooo much more than a phone. They have become so sophisticated with all their functionality. The cameras included on these devices keep on getting better and better. There are several Samsung devices that have 36MP cameras on board!!

So it should be no surprise that stock agencies have begun to accept iPhone/Smartphone images into their portfolios. Instagram is loaded with examples of spectacular iPhone images. Today I attended a workshop that taught us how to use our iPhones for creating abstract images with a long exposure app. Simply put, I AM HOOKED! This workshop taught me something new and just plain cool!

IMG_1967I have an iPhone 6, so the app we used is called LongExpo Pro. There is a free version and the Pro version costs .99 cents. I suggest you splurge and get the Pro version. The images I have posted in this blog post, were created with that app. This workshop met at a local grocery store, and once we got the basics of how this app worked, we spent the next several hours roaming around the store looking for things to photograph using the various features of this app. Can you guess what some of these images actually are?

Professional Photographer, Jeff Johnson of Soul Images Gallery and Soul Road Trips, was the host of this workshop, and some of the images he has created using this app and combining them with other things in Photoshop are just stunning! The creativity is endless! In terms of images for stock agencies, I could definitely see how these images would be great for backgrounds. I can also see these colorful abstract images selling on Fine Art America, as artwork for people to purchase and hang on their walls.

All in all this was a FUNNNNN workshop, that definitely got my creativity flowing and jazzed about the endless ideas these images could be used for. But I am TOTALLY blaming Jeff Johnson for creating a new obsession in my life! I can see the future holding many hours of time spent creating lots of these images. Thanks Jeff!

Cheers from Behind the iPhone,
Teri V.