Teri Virbickis

Teri VirbickisMy name is Teri Virbickis and I currently live in the City of Denver, in the most beautiful place on earth, the state of Colorado, USA!  I have lived in Colorado for about 28 years now, I am proud to make it my home. I am a Marketing/Graphic Design professional who has worked my entire career helping individuals and corporations create impact with their marketing campaigns. I am very passionate about helping people and companies learn how to generate buzz about their products and services, especially these days when budgets and economic resources are always under fire. When people ask me what I do, I often chuckle and tell them I am an Impactologist! Naturally they ask “what the heck is an Impactologist”? It’s simple, as I stated above, I practice IMPACTOLOGY:  The Art of Creating Impact!

My entire career, I have always been on the buying end of the stock photography world.  I have vast knowledge and many years of experience, in the purchasing of  images, for a wide range of usages in marketing campaigns, collateral and various other photographic scenarios. I have come to know, that the purchasing and usage of photographic images is not only big business, but also a very misunderstood business by most people. It wasn’t until I began to sell my own images, and learned the struggles photographers have when embarking on making a living with their photography.  THERE IS SOOOOO MUCH TO KNOW, about the licensing/purchasing of photographic images.  This is one of the reason why Taking Stock Images Photography was created, to assist photographers in learning about the in’s and out’s of the business of selling their work.

Creating Income from Photography!

Sometimes the universe has things in mind for us, that we never thought we would ever see ourselves doing!  In 2008, my world was turned upside down, when I was laid off from my Marketing/Graphic Design career of 20 years!  I spent my whole adult life building that career, because I just knew, that’s where I was going to retire.  After I was laid off, I never in a million years dreamed that I would be without job for 3 years!

But it’s funny how things happen in our lives and how we get thrown into places and situations that were never even on our radar.  Prior to 2008, other than a point and shoot camera, I knew absolutely nothing about being a photographer!  I picked up a camera as way to relieve stress when my crumbling life was too much to bear, and I needed an outlet to stop thinking about all the negative things that were going on around me. Little did I know, that photography would become my passion, and a way to rebuild my life!

Fast forward 10 years, and I can honestly say, that a day doesn’t go by without me picking up my camera and taking a picture, or doing something related to photography.  Getting involved in stock photography has created this path to help me rebuild and start my life over again in a new direction. Taking Stock Images Photography was born out of this change and passion.  My love of photography and my desire to help people, has brought this amazing opportunity to my door!

I look back on all the lessons and things I have been taught, by “losing” my career, I can’t help but think that was the master plan all along!  Change is always scary, especially when you embark on a new adventure with no one to hold your hand. Inside you have this conversation with yourself going on, the 2 sides of fear, battling it out, until one side convinces the other to give up.  The “YES I CAN” versus the “WHO ARE YOU KIDDING”, are in a constant tussle in my brain. The community of people that has come together  and surrounded Taking Stock Images Photography, has the “YES I CAN” side winning, and moving forward with all things stock photography!!  Our journey in life is never a straight line, and I am pretty sure that there are more twists and turns coming in this adventure. But I do know this, I am MORE THAN READY for this new adventure and everything that will come along with it! Are you ready to come along for the ride…because it’s GAME ON!

Constant Learning and Growth

I continue to learn more and more about the world of photography, and my stock photography portfolio continues to grow in size and income!  I want to make Taking Stock Images Photography a community of photographers who are not only passionate about their work, but assist them in learning about how to create a home-based business, that will serve them now and down the road when their full time employment ceases.  It seems these days, our world is in a constant state of change, and creating your very own home-based business can become the one thing you control and create into your very own empire.  This business is not an easy one, and it will require time, effort and “sweatequity” on your part. But the sky’s the limit, you CAN create a business with something you love and are very passionate about.  Looking forward to meeting you soon, and helping you learn about the world and business of stock photography!

My Online Portfolios

Currently, my family room has been transformed into my studio. I have a great set up in front of a wonderful natural light source where I use reflectors and diffusers to shoot majority of my stock photography images. Food photography has become my favorite thing, and I spend a lot of time shooting various creations and food in my created studio space. I have found food photography to be a good niche to fill in the stock photography world, and I am currently represented by the following agencies, Shutterstock, AdobeStockiStock, Getty Images, 123RF, Dreamstime, Deposit Photos PicFair and Canstock Photos.

As I mentioned above, Food Photography has become a love of mine, but I still love to let my creativity run wild with my other loves of photographing landscapes, wildlife and flowers. I am very fortunate to live in Colorado, where we are surrounded with opportunities at ever turn to photograph beautiful landscapes, wildlife and flowers. My landscape, wildlife and flower images are available for purchase on Fine Art America.

My images have won awards through various competitions and expositions I have been involved. I have had the honor of being selected to hang in the John Fielder Gallery here in Denver, Colorado. John Fielder is a world renowned landscape photographer, who has made capturing and preserving the landscapes of Colorado his priority for the past 40 years. Several of my food images have been featured in ads for Walmart, Earth Balance, Oprah’s trainer Bob Greene’s Live Your Best Life Newsletter, Denver’s 5280 Magazine and several images have been used on 12 Tomatoes, a cooking and recipe blog website that has over 2 million followers globally. I shoot for local restaurants and food related businesses and have recently branched my business off to include Knife & Fork Images. The tagline is “A Visual Feast for Your Brand“. The focus of Knife & Fork Images is food photography, website development, social media marketing, marketing/graphic design for food related businesses. DON’T WORRY, Taking Stock Images Photography isn’t going anywhere, I still busy growing my portfolio and teaching classes to photographers who want to learn how to get involved in the business of stock photography.

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