Photography, Home Depot and Pumpkins…Getting You to Engage!

My friend Carra Riley of the Cosmic Cow Pie, has hit the nail on the head!  Her recent blog post, Photography And Engagement, Are You In The Game?, says it all!  Businesses are learning that engagement with their customers is becoming IMPERATIVE to success of their business. The digital age continues to allow many of us to share our world in pictures. Whether we have a camera on our phone, a simple point and shoot or a high end DSLR, Corporate America is taking notice, and more are getting in the engagement game with Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook contests, to drive engagement with their customers! The customer “Call to Action”, isn’t always an easy thing to do, in Carra’s post she outlines a great example of how Home Depot has a monthly photo contest campaign in place to engage their customers. Check it out…very clever! Photography, Halloween and Social Media…seems to be a recipe for marketing success!

Cheers from behind the camera,
Teri V.

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