Pretty in Pink


I have lived in the community of Littleton Colorado for close to 25 years now. It’s funny how we are sometimes completely oblivious to things that happen around us, as we scurry about living our busy lives. I have heard this several times, that when you pick up a camera, you start to look at things around you in a different way. The colors of sunrises and sunsets, fields of wildflowers in the mountains, clouds in the sky, light on a mountain peak, all things I never really paid much attention to, until my camera became my constant companion.

The Crabapple Tree bloom in Littleton is one of those things, that for 20 years I never took notice of. This is a really amazing spring ritual. But only after picking up a camera and becoming a student of the art of photography, did I discover this little treasure right in my hometown. Now every spring from the end of March to the middle of April, I keep a close eye on my neighbors HUGE Crabapple tree, and when it shows signs of blooming, I grab my camera and I drive the streets of Littleton photographing this amazing spring event. This colorful pink peak only lasts a few days and it’s a springtime ritual I don’t miss!

I recently learned that all those trees that we enjoy today are not here by accident or coincidence. In 1969, then Mayor Vaughn Gardinier inspired the City of Littleton to begin a beautification program by planting Crabapple trees along city streets. Homeowners followed suit and planted Crabapples on their properties. More than 7,000 Crabapple trees now grace the Littleton community. So many that in 2014, Mayor Phil Cernanec proclaimed Littleton the Flowering Crabapple Capital of Colorado. The Littleton Crabapple Route features seven easily-accessible miles in the heart of Littleton where people drive, walk and bike to enjoy the fragrance and breathtaking beauty of these spring-blooming trees.

Crab Apple Tree SignI have included a copy of the Littleton Crabapple Tree Route Map in this blog post, and if you CLICK HERE you can access a PDF file version to print for your convenience. The route is marked clearly with signs that look like the one I have included in this article.  One of the best views along the route can be found at Jackass Hill Park located at the crest of a hill on the south end of Prince Street. There are trees blooming on both sides of the park entrance with the snow-capped Rockies in the distance and casting a dramatic backdrop for a perfectly stunning photo. Its very easy to pull over to take a few photos at the park.   But, don’t forget to stop and look up through the flowering tree branches for the Colorado sapphire blue sky peeking through, then close your eyes and take a deep breath. The beautiful sight and smell signifies the coming of Spring in the most perfect way!

Life is too short to not take time to smell the roses, in this case, smell the Crabapple trees, especially when this gorgeousness is right outside your door! Take a deep breath and the smell of Spring is everywhere…it’s intoxicating! So I challenge you to get out there in the next couple of days to enjoy this ritual of Spring, because it sounds like its beauty might be short lived this year. Mother Nature is busy conjuring up a doozy of a spring storm that may bring us a wallop of spring snow! (Fingers crossed and praying that all this moisture comes in the form of rain and not snow!) Can there be anything prettier than 7000 trees blooming pink, all at the same time?

Cheers from behind the camera,
Teri V.

Crabapple Tree Blooms in Spring

Crabapple Tree Blooms in Spring

Crabapple Tree Blooms in Spring

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