Stock Work Flow

2012 Wreaths Across AmericaFrom Your Camera to Your Stock Agencies

If you haven’t already drawn this conclusion, you will quickly note that doing things in the world of Stock Photography is unique.

It requires you to take your photography skills and use them in different ways. At times I know, it doesn’t seem logical, but in the long run you will find that the reasons and processes I do things the way I do, will save you time and effort. And allow you to shoot and upload lots of images to your chosen stock agencies.

In this class I will share with you my personal workflow, of how we get images from my camera and uploaded to stock site(s) quickly and easily! As I stated above, you will find many things about the stock photography business very different, often times, frustrating and time VERY consuming…I know, I have been there!

But having a good workable process, that fits your style and time limits CAN MAKE A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE in your stock photography business!

In this class you will learn…

  • The fastest ways to get your images from your camera and up for sale on your stock agencies
  • Lightroom work flow (my recommendation)
  • Tips and tricks from my lessons learned over the past several years
  • Bring your computer and about 20 unprocessed photos in camera raw, if you would like to follow along on your computer

Detailed handouts will be provided, so you can follow along and take notes, so you can do this when you get home, if you don’t want to bring your computer along.

SPECIAL NOTE:  To be successful in this class you need to have BASIC COMPUTER and IMAGE PROCESSING SKILLS! We are making the assumption that you know and shoot in CAMERA RAW, how to get your images from your camera to your computer and apply edits!


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