Up, Up and Away

Can you believe that Labor Day Weekend 2015 has come and gone already? I keep asking myself, where did this summer go!!! Reminds me of something my Mom used to say, “the older you get, the faster time goes”. Boy was she right about that! It’s seems Labor Day Weekend has become the “unofficial” end of summer, even though the official end of summer isn’t until September 23rd this year. Here in Colorado, 2 BIG celebrations happen over Labor Day Weekend, the 1st is A Taste of Colorado with happens at Civic Center Park in downtown Denver, Colorado and the 2nd is Labor Day Liftoff Balloon Festival in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Top of brightly colored red and pink hot air balloon with hearts against blue morning sky as it gets inflated for flightFor me the Labor Day Liftoff Hot Air Balloon Festival (formerly know as the Colorado Balloon Classic) has become a tradition. I guess you could say, this hot air balloon event is Colorado’s largest hot air balloon festival, Colorado’s answer to the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta. Now I don’t want to lead you to believe that this event is anywhere close to the size of the Balloon Fiesta in Albuquerque, but for us here in Colorado, it’s a pretty big deal as far as hot air balloon festivals go.

Photographing hot air balloons is another favorite things of mine to capture. The bright rainbow colors of the balloons, against a sapphire blue Colorado sky, makes for amazing pictures! PLUS, this event is held in Memorial Park in Colorado Springs, where the balloons take off over Prospect Lake and the famous Pikes Peak can be seen in clear view from anywhere in the park! So not only do you get the gorgeous Colorado blue skies, but reflections in the lake and the Rocky Mountains as a back drop, it just doesn’t get any better than that for taking photographs!!

Brightly colored hot air balloon against blue morning sky just after take offThis year the Labor Day Liftoff Hot Air Balloon Festival had a total of 65 balloons participating, as well as other attractions including food, beer and small carnival type rides for kids. Each morning the balloons and their teams meet in the infield of the park, roll out the balloons, fill them with air and take off! What’s really neat is that spectators can get up close and personal with the balloon teams to see how the balloons are inflated and all the pre-flight preparation that takes place before liftoff! On Saturday and Sunday evenings, the Balloon Glow also takes places in the park. This event is where a handful of the participating balloons stay tethered to the ground in the park, and light up the night sky! Something really neat for kids to see! Another special feature of this year’s Labor Day Liftoff was the amount of special shaped balloons that were participating in the festival, something that hasn’t happen in years past. Darth Vader, Yoda, Flip Flops, a Shamrock and the Old Woman and the Shoe balloons were several of the special shaped balloons that made their appearance at this year’s event.

In this post you will see several of the images taken at this year’s festival. If you are ever in Colorado over the Labor Day Weekend, I HIGHLY recommend you take a day to check out the Labor Day Liftoff Hot Air Balloon Festival in Colorado Springs…YOU WON’T BE DISAPPOINTED!

Cheers from behind the camera,
Teri V.

Brightly colored hot air balloons against blue morning sky on the ground before take off

Brightly colored hot air balloon against blue morning sky just after take off

Brightly colored hot air balloon against blue morning sky on the ground before take off

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