What Sells on Stock Sites

20121210-IMG_2501What Sells on Stock Photography and Ideas to Help Find Your Inspiration

This is the million dollar question, that I get asked all the time…WHAT PHOTOS SELL ON STOCK PHOTOGRAPHY SITES? Now then. I will say this right up front and only once: If I knew exactly and precisely what sells as stock I would be a REALLY RICH photographer…LOL

Sounds So Simple…

And as simple as this question sounds, it’s also what I would call a loaded question.  There are a host of things that play into what sells on stock sites. And what sells over and over on a particular stock site, might never get downloaded on another site.  In this class, I will share with you things I have learned that help me decide what to shoot and why, and how often to shoot it.

Stock is only marginally about beautiful pictures and more about useful pictures.  You may be a fabulous landscape and/or portrait photographer, but that doesn’t ensure that you will be successful at selling stock images!  Some of the most successful images on stock, are simple, plain and well executed photos, images that the purchaser can use and mold into what ever creation suits their needs.

How Do You Find Your Inspiration?

This is another question I get asked frequently, and is also a loaded question. There are lots of things you can do to find inspiration, and the easy answer to this is “look around the answer is right in front of you”. The second part of this class, I will share with you some tips to help you learn about what to look for and how to “hone” your senses into finding things to shoot, that will eventually become successful stock photos for you.

Detailed handouts will be provided, so you can follow along and take notes, so you can do this when you get home!

SPECIAL NOTE:  To be successful in this class you need to have BASIC COMPUTER and IMAGE PROCESSING SKILLS! We are making the assumption that you know and shoot in CAMERA RAW, how to get your images from your camera to your computer and apply edits!



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